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Fully Furnished Model Apartment

Fully furnished model apartment to experience various design elements, the living space and also showcases various available upgrade options.

One of the finest places which you can make it your home. A wonderful, peaceful and a modern apartment for any family in Rajahmundry. A breath of fresh air and a perfect locality which makes living easier in the town. Overall a dedicated family home, keeping in mind the fast changing modern world. Start chasing your dream house and make Oxygen Towers your home sweet home.

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Vivek A

Design Elements




No single floor plan design suits and meets every homeowner needs, so we offer 16 different floor plans filled with thoughtful features and design elements that redefines your spacious floor plans.




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Upgrade Options

We offer several upgrades, so homeowner can choose the right floor plan and customize it to meet their needs by personalized their living space.

Oxygen Towers @ Venkateswara Nagar | Residential Apartment for sale in Rajahmundry

Homeowner Upgrades

We work very closely with homeowners to help choose the right upgrade and execute them. Here are few customer upgrades.

oxygen towers @ venkateswara nagar homeowner upgrades

Design Philosophy




Light, Air, Sky and Open Green Spaces as Fundamental




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