Architecture that breaths – Maximize Sunlight, Air, and Views







Beautiful inside and out..




The façade architecture with louvres not only wraps the structure with an aesthetic skin but also make the building ‘breathable’ by allowing fresh air to flow in, as well as light to pass through.







Exterior Design

The building façade design avoids bathrooms and conceals all exterior pipes in the louvres. The sky-roof between the apartments allows natural light and air to filter through providing excellent cross ventilation.

oxygen towers @ venkateswara-nagar architecture louvres

Building Façade

No Bathrooms



concealed exterior pipes

Interior Design

The Tower’s interior design maximizes natural light to filter through between three buildings connected by open-to-sky courtyards covered with sky-roof.

Interior Design - maximizes natural light to filter through between three buildings

Floor plans are designed to maximize natural light in each apartment with no common walls, open floor plan and balconies extends living area to the outdoor spaces inviting light and fresh air inside.

Central Courtyard

with Sky-Roof

Open Floor Plan

with no common walls

Site & Parking Plan

Open green spaces and spacious covered parking

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