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Children’s Play Area

Children’s play area is connected with the pocket park and is equipped with playground equipment for kids to gather around and spend the evenings in the open air.

Spaces For Children To Play And Explore...









Play Area Equipment

Outdoor play equipment structure is designed to include various fun activities. Also the structure is integrated with a tree, bringing kids close to the nature and explore the environment around them.



Oxygen Towers Children's Play Area

Monkey Bars


Oxygen Towers Children's Play Area



Location & Safety

Children’s play area is filled with fine grain sand, keeping kids’ safety in mind. Equipped with benches on either side of the play area for parents to sit and watch the kids playing.

Also play area is strategically selected close to the administration office and security room so security guards could also keep a close eye on the children.

Oxygen Towers Children's Play Area

Sand Area


Oxygen Towers Children's Play Area

Seating Area


Oxygen Towers Children's Play Area

Landscape Lighting


Children’s Play Area Video

Open Green Spaces

Children’s Play Area + Pocket Park




Central Courtyard with Sky-Roof

Explore spaces blending indoor and outdoor..

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